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Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Air Fighting Film N/A   Screen-play   Jly'35 Unavailable     With Air Ministry / Gaumont - possibly to be based on 'Prelude In Prague'.
The Bably On The Rock N/A   Screen-play   Mar'37 Unavailable     The Life Of Sir Walter Scott.
By Saturday N/A   Screen-play   Aug'33 1 page 259   Page 22 only.
Deluge N/A   Screen-play   May'33 Unavailable     S.FW assisted with screen play.
Dope N/A   Screen-play   Mar'36 Unavailable     Manuscript title 'Dope' - not titled - presented to 20th Century Fox circa March 1936.
Heart Of Midlothian N/A   Screen-play   Oct.'38 Unavailable     Synopsis sent to Pinewood - may be same as under unpublished below.
Money Smuggling Out Of Germany N/A   Screen-play   Sep'37 Unavailable     Draft
Son Of David N/A   Screen-play   Sep'33 Unavailable     Based on Biblical Romance 'David'
Stevenson's Suicide Club N/A   Screen-play   Mar'34 Unavailable     15,000 word scenario for Universal - may be in MGM's 'Trouble For Two'
Three Witnesses N/A   Screen-play   Apr'35 Unavailable     S.FW's script not used in film.
With Cause Enough - part N/A   Screen-play   16.5.54       Written for Melville's Choice B.B.C Radio.

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