The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

A New Year's Prayer

by Sydney Fowler

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G. K. Weekly
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Cutting from issue dated 16JAN1932

A New Year's Prayer

    LORD, Thine elect before Thy throne
      Kneel, as we always do
    On New Year's Day, to plead Thy grace
      For 1932.

    Lord, in Thine ample space above,

      We creatures cramped below
    Implore that through Thy generous love
      Rich floods of petrol flow.

    Grant chauffeurs, petrol, tyres and pumps,

      With by-pass roads galore,
    And though the human birth-rate slumps
      May car statistics soar.

    May speed-boats still the oceans cleave

      As Airplanes cleave the air,
    And grant the maimed pedestrians leave
      Our bloody highways bare.

    Though waste each frugal instinct jars,

      Lord, we have sense to see
    Children enough to drive the cars
      Born by Thy will must be.

    But though young chauffeurs must be grown

      For 1952,
    We offer humbly at Thy throne
      The thought that Japs would do.

    Lord, as we chase the seasons round,

      Be Thou our sure defence.
    But let no childrens laughter sound,
      For children mean expense.

    *        *        *

    The End