The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965


by S. Fowler Wright

Note:        The reference to the book 'Residue' in the Literary Notes (21st Jan. - 5th Feb. 1942) show that it was completed, including the preface. And sent, 'sent to Waugh'. The poem 'Dust' is described as 'an extra poem'. Inside 'The Witchfinder' 1946 Residue is shown on the list of S.FW's other publications.
        For the sake of simplicity I have assembled the loose surviving poems, after 'Dust', although they may be nothing to do with 'Residue' being either published elsewhere or unpublished.


      When to utter dust we go,
      Who his sum of deeds shall know?
      When the names men call us by
      Silent as our graves shall lie,
      Potent from our deeds may be
      Crown or cross of destiny.

      Say, at Senlac, who was he,
      Nameless as our graves shall be,
      Hard who bent the backward bow,
      Saw the guideless arrow go
      Upward till its path was lost
      Where the Saxon volleys crost?

      Only God's long watch should tell
      If the bow were bended well.

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