The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

Some Yorkshire Poets
An Anthology Of To-Day 1924-25

Edited by S. Fowler Wright

The Merton Press Ltd.
Abbey House, Westminster. S.W.1.


        This anthology is one of a series, representative of the renaissance of poetry in the various counties and principal cities of Great Britain, of which POETS OF MERSEYSIDE was issued about twelve months ago, and was described by the Leeds Mercury as 'an Anthology which might serve as a model.' The cheaper edition of this book was out of print within a few months of publication, and the more expensive issue appears likely to be in the same position at an early date.

        Then came BIRMINGHAM POETRY, 1923-4, after which I was asked to edit a series of County Anthologies, of which LIVING POETS OF SOMERSET will be published at the same date as this volume, and will be followed by others at short intervals.

        Should the public response be sufficiently favourable, it is intended to issue these books annually.

        It is not possible that anthologies of this kind should include examples of the work of every writer who may consider - perhaps rightly - that he has a valid claim for consideration; but copyright restrictions and other difficulties have been overcome sufficiently to make them, if not comprehensive, yet fully representative of the contemporary poetry for their respective areas.

        Defects there doubtless are, both of choice and exclusion - defects which will, I think, be regarded with leniency, at least by those who have any adequate conception of the labour and correspondence which is inevitable in the preparation of such anthologies, - and which would throw an impossible burden upon the shoulders of any editor, however willing, were it not lightened by the hearty co-operation of those who are interested in the revival of English poetry in all parts of the country, to whom I am not the less grateful because they are too numerous for individual mention.

        All the contributors to the present volume are of Yorkshire birth, or have the claim of long residence, though, as Miss Renshaw has written in YORKSHIRE WAYS, - surely destined to be the representative poem of the county it sings so magically -

"Yorkshire hearts are gipsy hearts"

and Mr. Bird in New York, and Mr. Bayldon in Australia may not be the only ones who have left it.

They are all living, except the late Dr. Robert B. Greaves of Sheffield, whose deeply regretted death took place while the book was in preparation.


Bayldon, A. D (Leeds)
Benson, Bernard J. (Sheffield).
        A Song of the West Wind
        Echoes from the Past
Bird, J. C. (Sheffield).
        Winter Silence
        To a Premiere Dansèuse
Bottomley, T. R. (Brighouse).
        Evening View from Macolin
Boyle, Douglas (Scarborough).
        Sir Philip Sydney
Brearley, Hilda (Leeds).
Brinton, Henry (Halifax).
        Moths. To (B.D.)
Brown, Alfred (Bradford).
        Wind on the Face
Carter, F. A. (Huddersfield).
        From an Idle Woman's Letter
Charlesworth, Lily (Barnsley).
        An Autumn Night
Charlesworth, Douglas (Barnsley).
        The Ruined Cot
Childe, Wilfrid Rowland (Leeds).
        The Angel of Europe
        Chant of the Shepherds of Argoz to Our
        Lady and the Divine Child
Collier, J. (Sheffield).
        "Come, love, one kiss"
        To My Mother
        Covell, Clarice M. (Leeds).
Covell, Clarice M. (Leeds).
        The Organist
Crowther, Mariorie (Sheffield).
        The Incarnate Christ
Darbyshire, J. R. (Sheffield).
        The Gargoyle
        A Local Character
Dean, Ethel. (Rotherham)
        April Magic
Dinsdale, D. Violet (Leeds).
        Spring Come Back (for G.C.)
Doney, May (Hebden Bridge).
        The Slave
Downhill, W. (Sedbergh).
        What's in a Name ?
Dunn, Frederick (Halifax).
        Echo de Suvla
Elgee, Frank (York).
        Ah can't mak nowt o' Life
Elgee, Harriet Wragg (York).
Ellis, Oliver C. de C. (Sheffield).
        Christmas in Spring
Ferro, Rolf (Leeds).
        Sonnets in City Square, Leeds
Goodwin, Gwendoline (Sheffield).
        Transience (to L. Cranmer Byng)
        The Joy of the East
        Indian Summer
        Absent (to the World's Pioneers)
Goodyear, R. A. H. (Scarborough).
        The Lost Music
        War in the Meadows
        Spring Songs
        Along the Whitby Road
        Beyond Hayburn Wyke
        The Village Carrier
Greaves, Robert B. (Sheffield).
        To Sheffield
        The Spirit of the Universe
Harvey, William Fryer (Leeds)
        Mark's Good-bye to His Nurse
        The Old Buccaneer
        Moon Rise
        Death and Youth
Hobson, R. Darnley (Beverley).
        A Debt to Love
        The Low Road
Holmes, Marjorie (Bentham).
Jenkins. G. G. (Sheffield).
        Nile Water
        Isle o' Dreams
        Evening on the Somme, 1916
Lerwill-Cocks, W. (Doncaster).
        How you will know
        The Rogue in my Eyes
Matthewman, S. (Leeds).
        When you are out
        To a Lady with a Mandoline
        The Lute of Darkness. Poem Dedicatory
Pendlebury, B. J. (Harrogate).
        Fountains Abbey
        Carmen Apollinis
        The Baron's Grace
Petch, Irene (Kirbymoorside).
        The Cathedral
Raspin, Elsie Harriet (Long Preston).
        The Lark and the Listeners
        I am the Sun's Great Lover
        Light and Darkness
        On seeing some Swans on the Sea
Raworth, Esther (Harrogate).
        Haunted Waters
Raworth Rhys (Harrogate).
        Invocation to Sleep
        The Torrent
Renshaw, C A. (Sheffield).
        The Ballad of the Unborn
        The Eternal Mystery
Skeat, Bertha M. (Sedbergh).
        Overtones (Hebblethwaite Ghyll)
        The Music-Maker
Sutcliffe, Edward (Halifax)
        The Woodland Path
Thomas, Evan J. (Hebden Bridge)
        The Sub-Conscious
        My Muse
        Songs Unsung
Watson, Amy (Sheffield).
        The Night Wind
Winder, Dorothy (Scarborough).
        The Menin Road
Vickridge, Alberta (Bradford).
        A Spring Exhibition



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F'cap 8vo. Cloth.         S. FOWLER WRIGHT.                 4s. net,


SOME SONGS OF BILITIS.                        ls. net.

POETS OF MERSEYSIDE.                3s. 6d. net

A comprehensive Anthology of present-day Liverpool poets, including specimens of the best work of Rachael Bates, James Laver, Stanley A. Mellor, Godfrey W. Mathews, John Pride, E. B. Saxton, J. E. and Stanley Simpson, Olaf Stapledon, J. H. Warren, J. R. Wilmot and other well-known Merseyside writers. . . .

Note. - The 2/6 edition of this book is now out of print, but the 3/6 edition is still obtainable.

BIRMINGHAM POETRY, 1923-4.        2s. 6d. and 3s. 6d. net.

Representing the work of over thirty Birmingham authors. It is only by a study of these local anthologies that it is possible to appreciate accurately the real tendencies of modern poetry. The book is remarkable both for the quality and variety of its contents.

Now In The Press.                                 3s. 6d. and 5s. net.


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FROM OVERSEAS                                3s. 6d. and 5s. net.


This is a companion volume to Voices on the Wind.

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