The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Four Days War 585K BUY Political Robert Hale 1936 Complete 98315   Sequel to Prelude in Prague; prequel to Megiddo's Ridge, on BBC Radio 20/7/94.
Megiddo's Ridge 528K BUY Political Robert Hale 1937 Complete 91695   Sequel to Prelude in Prague and Four Days War.
Police and Public 205K BUY Political Fowler Wright Ltd 1929 Complete 32860   Initial publication banned in the UK.
Prelude In Prague 620K BUY Political Newnes 1935 Complete 100116   WWII predicting. Pub'd in 7 Euro. lang's. Banned by Hitler. Ref. Churchill 'Into Battle'. 1st of trilogy.
Should We Surrender Colonies? 222K   Political Queensway Press 1939 Complete 34514    
The War Of 1938 (620K)   Political G. P. Putnam, N.Y. 1936 See note > (100116)   Previously Prelude in Prague. Ending altered for USA market. As Bomby Nad Prahou, in Prague 1936.