The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

Love Song Of Durräk

by S. Fowler Wright

Note: Not known if published. One typed M.S. page remains - marked (page) '1' in the top left-hand corner in pen. See - Marriage Song of Durräk. (End of 'Song of Songs'). And 'Literary Notes' Jan. 2 & 3rd. 1942.

Jäm Durräk, love's martyr, singeth.
Hear the news the lightening bringeth.
Late it came from Julgo reeling,
Through the veil of night concealing,
Down the sky, whence eve had sunken,
Flashed and staggered, joyed and drunken.
News it brought of my love's telling,
Sent from where my heart is dwelling.

Jäm Durräk, love's martyr, serving,
Watched at dawn the rainbow curving.
Clear the sight of my love's token,
Births to be, and gifts unspoken.
Purple cloud beyond was clearing,
Nature laughed at my love's nearing.
Rains may fall, but sunlight hollows
Mist until the rainbow follows.

Jäm Durräk, love's martyr, vainly
Fought his heart in strife ungainly,
Like a raiding Turk contesting,
Like a mare the rein-peg wresting.
Now my heart is flower-enfolded,
Like a babe for festal golded,
Memoried words with new words blended,
Fragrance blown from days long ended.

Jäm Durräk, love's martyr, praising,
Told his mare, beside him grazing,
Where his constant heart was heading.
Like a Zamur creeper spreading
Wide her tail, and lightly flicking
Shapely legs, and soft ears pricking,
Answered she: "Oh, Master longing,
Vain delay thy heart is wronging."

The End