The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
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Words   Notes
S. Fowler Wright's Short Stories (10K)   Science Fiction FWB 1996 Complete 80310   Throne Of Saturn, The Better Choice, B. Stableford, J.E.C. McFarlane.
S.FW Literary Notes 1933-1942 325K   General Unpublished 1933-42 Complete 42570   1933 to 1942 inclusive.
The Safeguarding Of Industries N/A   Not written            
Scenes From Morte d'Arthur 468K   Arthurian Legend Erskine MacDonald 1919 Complete uncalculated   See Song of Arthur Pt1 Contents list. As Alan Seymour and S. Fowler Wright.
Science Destroyer Of Life 9K   Articles by S.FW Daily Mirror 5.7.33 Complete 1173   A short article in the 5th July 1933 edition.
The Screaming Lake 414K BUY Science Fiction Robert Hale 1937 Complete 72680   Virgin Bride of the Inca, for one night only, next sacrificed to the Sun God. Lost race in S. America.
Second Bout With The Mildew Gang 360K BUY Crime Eyre & Spottiswoode Jly'42 Complete 59412   Sequel to A Bout With ... & End Of The Mildew Gang.
The Secret Of The Screen 461K BUY Crime Jarrolds 1933 Complete 76777   Sequel to The Bell Street Murders, prequel to Who Murdered Reynard?
Seven Thousand In Israel 549K BUY Fiction Jarrolds 1931 Complete 93450   1930's English business failure / family life.
Shorter Poems 0K   Poetry General Merton Press   Unavailable     Contains Some Songs of Bilitis, Lancelot & Elaine - see Ballad of Elaine & others not published.
Should We Surrender Colonies? 222K   Political Queensway Press 1939 Complete 34514    
The Siege Of Malta, Pt1 St Elmo 768K   Historical Novel Frederick Muller 1942 Complete 137825   Total 323080 words. Based on Sir Walter Scott's unfinished manuscript, intended to be his last Waverley novel.
The Siege Of Malta, Pt2 St Angelo 1040K   Historical Novel Frederick Muller 1942 Complete 185257   Based on Sir Walter Scott's unfinished manuscript, intended to be his last Waverley novel.
Some Scottish Verse 6K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright Ltd 1928 Index 435   No preface in book. 94pp.
Some Songs Of Bilitis 21K   Poetry General Poetry 1925 Complete 2020   Acknowledgement to Pierre Louys. Eastern love poems.
Some Yorkshire Poets 22K   Poetry EPL Merton press 1924-25 Preface 2260   Anthology.
Son Of David N/A   Screen-play   Sep'33 Unavailable     Based on Biblical Romance 'David'
Song Of Arthur - Chapter Index 1K   Arthurian Legend Chapter Index 1996 Complete -   Contents of volumes 1 to 4. Pub. FWB 1996
Song Of Arthur - Volume index 1K   Arthurian Legend FWB 1996 Complete -   Contents of volumes 1 to 4. Pub. FWB 1996
The Song Of Songs & Other Poems 74K BUY Poetry General Merton Press 1925 Complete 8030   Includes Songs of Bilitis & Song of Balochistan. Limited edition.
Space In Reverse N/A   Science Fiction   1955       Also as 'Professor Randall's Experiment'. Entered in Shasta Sci-fi competition.
Spiders' war 418K BUY Science Fiction Abelard Press 1954 Complete 70060   Sequel to Dream and Vengeance of Gwa. Time travel trilogy.
B. Stableford foreword 27K   Articles on S.FW S.FW's Short Stories 1996 Complete 5230    
The Stars & Stripes N/A   Missing Written June 1941   Unavailable     Some verses sent to Terence Horsley.
Statement For The Police 15K   Crime Evening News 1933? Complete 1893   Authored as Anthony Wingrave.
Status 29K   Science Fiction Books of To-day Ltd 1945 Complete 4598   The Witchfinder
Stevenson's Suicide Club N/A   Screen-play   Mar'34 Unavailable     15,000 word scenario for Universal - may be in MGM's 'Trouble For Two'
Studies In Contemporary Poetry N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
Sundry poems - history of not known 5K   Poetry General     Incomplete 560   New Song For Daffodils, Choice, November, ?, Life, Values, (may be 'Residue' contents).
Surrey Poetry 10K   Poetry EPL Empire Poetry League 1926 Preface 1125   County Series.
Sussex Song 10K   Poetry EPL Fowler Wright Ltd 1927 Preface 1100   County Series. 88pp