The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

The 1935 film, based on the 'THREE WITNESSES' crime novel was released by:
Universal Twickenham Productions. (6,130 ft. Certificate A.)

      Produced by Julius Hagen
      Directed by Leslie Hiscott
      Written by Michael Barringer

      Leslie TrentHenry Kendall
      Also Appearing:
      Charles RowtonGarry Marsh
      Claude PemberRichard Cooper
      Roger TruscottSebastian Shaw
      Cyril TruscottNoel Dryden
      BoddingtonGerald Pring
      Inspector ByfleetHenry Woolston
      BellmanRalph Truman
      Mrs. BellmanGladys Hamer
      Diana MortonGeraldine Fitzgerald
      Margaret TruscottEve Grey

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        In the U.K. the NF&TV Archive have an intermediate negative & 8 stills. .