The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

The 1933 film DELUGE - (70 minute, 6,044 ft., 8 reels) film - released by R.K.O. - Radio 15.9.33 (in the U.K. 2.4.34) was based upon S.FW's best-seller set in the English Midlands.

        To accommodate the Film's setting being New York a miniature city was constructed at Tiffany Studios with the average sky-scraper being six feet high and the Empire State building 12 ft..

      Directed by Felix E. Feist
      Produced by Burt Kelly, Samuel Bischoff & William Saal

        The Special Effects by Nedd Mann, Russell E. Lawson and filmed by Billy Williams are reported, by those lucky enough to have seen the film, as remarkable... amazing...
        (Republic used the footage in other films including - SOS Tidal wave (1938), Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (1941), King of the Rocketmen (1949).)
        The special effects were the principal reason that it was over budget at $171,000. It was also the last KBS/Admiral Production.

        Shot at Bronson Canyon tunnels and Lake Sherwood. With the Earth quake shot on a hill in the California desert.

      Screenplay - John Goodrich & Warren Duff
      Photography - N. Brodine & Billy Williams
      Editors - Martin - G. Cohn & Rose Loewinger
      Music Director - Val Burton
      Sound Engineer - Corson Jowett
      Original Music Score - Dr. E. Kilenyi, Val Burton and 19 others
      Assistant Director - Eric Stacy
      Sound System - Western Electric
      Peggy ShannonClaire
      Sidney BlackmerMartin
      Edward Van SloaneProfessor Carlyle
      Also appearing:
      Lois WilsonHelen
      Fred KohlerJephson
      Matt MooreTom
      Ralf HaroldeNorwood
      Samuel S. HindsChief Forecaster
      Lane ChandlerSurvivor
      Philo McCulloughRenegade
      Harry SemelsRenegade
      Henry OthoRenegade

Compiler's Note:
        Please see the Literary Notes references.
        We search for any memorabilia - from a print to a ticket - and would be delighted to hear from anyone connected with the production.
        We would also be interested in acquiring a print or the details of any of the films that included footage from Deluge.
        In the U.K. the NF&TV Archive have 15 stills.
        The U.C.L.A. Film Archive has relevant items (To be confirmed).